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Recently, the question was posed: "How many SRO's are presently working in the State of Georgia, and how many agencies have an SRO Unit?"

Oddly, there doesn't appear to be anyone who keeps up with these stats. So, we thought: "Why not start HERE?!?!" We have the greatest tool at our fingertips for compiling that information, and - with your help - we may soon arrive at the answer. Please take our survey and encourage your colleagues and other agencies to partake, as well.

CLICK HERE to begin.

January 2023

Registration for the GS3 Conference is now open!!!

GASROE is excited to host the 2023 Georgia School Safety Summit Conference in Athens, GA at the University of Georgia's Center for Continuing Education & Hotel.

Registration for the 2023 GS3 Conference is now open! Visit, using code 95457.

The UGA Hotel provides guests with a convenient, professional, clean, and distraction-free location at which they can participate in a productive meeting. With meeting, sleeping, and dining accommodations under one roof, and sited in a noted Conference Center right on the campus of UGA, attendees' time can be spent on the activities of the day without the worries of traffic, distractions, or concerns about excessive expense.


Visit our website to register for our conference utilizing the links under the "GS3 Annual Conference" tab.

Nearly all forms of payment are accepted. Options are available for paying via the website, as well as checks via traditional mail. There are also links on the page whereby you may request an invoice to submit to your administration prior to payment. After you submit and provide details with the request, we will email your invoice to the person whom you designate with the information requested.


QUESTIONS??? Email us at

January 2023

"New Alliance Provides for Collaborative Effort in Keeping Georgia Schools Safe"

Over the years, Georgia has had school resource officer associations come and go. At the same time, other county, state and federal agencies have provided different training opportunities for SRO's and other disciplines that play a part in the safe school environment.


In 2019, the last of the previously active school resource officer organizations dissolved.

During this same year, the Habersham County Sheriff's Office initiated a dialog with the Georgia Public Safety Training Center (GPSTC), the Georgia Emergency Management/Homeland Security Agency (GEMA/HS), the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council (GA P.O.S.T.), the Georgia Department of Education (GDOE), and the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Middle District of Georgia to form a new alliance. The alliance would incorporate and merge all of the separate efforts being made to improve school safety into one collective body known as the Georgia Alliance of School Resource Officers and Educators or GASROE. Its mission - to provide basic, intermediate and advanced collaboration training programs for school resource officers, administrators, teachers, school safety coordinators/directors, emergency management directors/personnel, nurses, bus drivers, custodial staff, counselors and other school support personnel. Additionally, GASROE will provide instruction and training that addresses current issues and new trends and provide participants with the latest tools available to address them.


On June 1st - June 2nd and July 6th - July 7th, GASROE held its first two mini-conference events, known as the GS3 Regional Mini-Conference at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth, Georgia and Habersham Central High School in Clarkesville, Georgia. Approximately 350 law enforcement and educator professionals attended the training. The events were a tremendous success.


All of us that are a part of the GASROE alliance wish to express our sincere appreciation to all of the participants and vendors that took part in the first two regional mini-conference events. We look forward to growing these new relationships for years to come and partnering with each of you to provide a safer school environment for all of our Georgia primary and secondary educational systems.

July 2021

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