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 SRO and Educator of the Year

When we meet a School Resource Officer or an Educator who truly inspires us, we want to recognize their efforts. If you know an SRO or an Educator who you think makes a profound impact on students and staff around them we want the rest of the state to know who they are. 

Your Nominations for SRO or Educator of the year can be made here!

We ask that you provide a photo and a narrative of why you think your SRO or Educator should be the SRO or Educator of the year. Anyone involved in the school environment can nominate an SRO or Educator.

An Award will be presented to the School Resource Officer and the Educator of the Year at our GS3 Conference in 2023.

The deadline for nominations is May 1, 2023!

Blue ribbon with stars

School Resource Officer
of the Year

Circle Badge

of the Year


Thanks for submitting!

If you are having trouble with this application, Nominations can also be submitted to us via email at

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