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GASROE Executive Seminar

Mon. Sept. 23rd to Wed. Sept. 25th, 2024 in Savannah, Ga at the Marriott Riverfront Hotel
*Open to School Safety Executive Staff, School Police Chiefs, Sheriffs,
Superintendents, and School Board Chair Presidents 

Annually, the Georgia Alliance of School Resource Officers and Educators meet to discuss current trends in school safety issues across Georgia schools. In partnership with the Georgia Public Safety Training Center, GASROE meets with Executive leaders in school safety to review current training curriculum and make recommendations for training updates and shared best practices across Georgia schools in providing a safe learning environment

Guest Speakers 

Featuring executives with expertise in the field of School Safety. These speakers bring a wealth of knowledge, training and experience in developing effective and positive working relationships for optimal productivity in keeping Georgia schools safe.  

Check-in & Meet and Greet

General Session Topics

  • Mon. Sept. 23rd

    • Registration from 3pm to 5pm

    • Networking Event from 5pm to 7pm

Schedule Overview

Day 1 - Tues. Sept. 24th

  • Opening Ceremonies at 8am

  • General Session 

  • Lunch 

  • General Session

  • Networking Event

Day 2 - Wed. Sept. 25th

  • General Session begins at 9am

    • GASROE Toolkit​

    • Mental Health for our Youth 

  • Closing and Depart at 12pm

  • Developing a BOE Police Department

  • Building an Effective MOU with your School and Sheriff and/or Police Departments

  • Policy and Procedure for School Safety 

  • Enhancing the SRO/Admin Relationship

  • Proper training for your SRO and School Safety Personnel (GPSTC)

  • Effective Equipment for School Safety 

  • Certification Requirements for the Chief and SRO (GACP)

  • Other concerns and protocols; body cameras, search on campus, and FERPA

  • Instructions for Seminar links and templates 

  • Sign-in for Executive Credit (GACP)

Vendors and Sponsors

2024 GASROE Title Sponsor 

Raptor Technologies 

GASROE Summer Conference Platinum Sponsors

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